Saturday, 27 February 2016

Now's a Good Time to Treat Your Lawn for Moss

If your climate is characterised by long, cold, wet winters, the chances are that your lawn is now choked with moss, especially if drainage is bad and you never feed the grass. Moss can grow in cold conditions when grass is dormant and will tend to out compete it. Heavy moss growth can also clog your mower at the start of the season, and if you have an electric or low powered petrol mower, it can be tough going as the wheels sink into the soft moss and the blade struggles to cut through it.

Moss can be treated with iron sulphate. Dissolve 21 grams ( about 3 heaped teaspoons) in a litre of warm water and spray your lawn in strips, marked out with string and pegs. Treated areas turn black fairly quickly so it's easy to see what you've covered.

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